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Well since my bf and I have gotten back together he has been calling me a lot more, and coming to see me a bit more as well. I have stopped calling/suggesting we do things altogether and he obviously likes it this way, especially right now because he is so busy. Well, we talked about valentines and I told him that, as I am coming to his place next week for spring break, we could celebrate it then IF he was too busy to come here tonight. I figured he would do something for me because he never did anything for me for xmas or my bday (we were broken up over the bday). I decided not to get him anything for vday because I spent a lot of money on him at xmas, and his bday. Anyway, he called this morning to wish me a happy vday and then he called just now to ask me if I got my card in the mail. I didn't, and I asked him if he really sent one. He was laughing, and to be honest, I don't really think he did send one because he never does things like that. He says he did but maybe it got lost, but he was kind of acting like he was pulling my leg. I guess we will see if it comes. Anyway, then he said he was going to the gym tonight with his buddy. I wasn't expecting him to come here because his vehicle is broken down, so I said "oh so you can go to the gym but you can't come here?" He says that his truck is not reliable enough to get here (1/2 hour further than the gym which is 1/2 hour from his place). He said we are in a no pressure relationship now (when we got back together, we agreed to take things slowly, no pressure about the future) and he doesn't need my permission to go to the gym and that he hasn't seen his friend or gone to the gym for ages, and that we agreed to celebrate it later. then he suggested I get on a train and come there for dinner with him and his friend (to do this costs me about $50). I told him I wasn't telling him he needs my permission, but that I didn't want to be in a relationship where I can't even ask my bf if/why we are not going to do anything for vday. He suggested I was being a [email protected]#$^ and that I should get some sleep and wake up on the other side of the bed so I told him maybe he should pick up a book on romance....argh!!!! I have been trying so hard not to argue with him and just go with things but I am disappointed that he couldn't even be bothered to send flowers or something, even if we will do something later for vday, especially because I spent Christmas and my bday upset because of him. Am I just being way to hard on him here? He hung up the phone in my ear as soon as he heard me getting upset and now his mum and dad are going to think I am all demanding again. Things have been better lately and I have probably gone and upset the applecart again.

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