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but for you girls, I mean, how do I console someone w/out explaining why I did something to make her mad?

and for guys, how did you change yourself to make her happy? To me, it seems I needed to be lots and lots more caring then before, need to take time, and also say sorry no matter waht.......

is this how this works

No, I don't think that's how relationships work...I don't think your the problem, your gf seems to have a lot of issues being hyper-sensitive and defensive and you seem to be taking the brunt of her frustration from these insecurities.
You know, you learn from each and every relationship...your giving her too much credit by assuming all girls are like this. If you can't be yourself without worrying you'll say something that she'll take out of context and turn into a fight,( which will end up being your fault :rolleyes: ) -- then you may as well lead off every conversation with, "I apologize in advance as this is not meant to offend you ....blah, blah, blah" ..Since you never know when your going to get blasted, go ahead and hedge your bets.

Seriously, she's got you so confused now, you don't know which way is up....go with your gut and stick to your guns; don't apologize if you've done nothing wrong. Why have a relationship if you have to go along to get along. She's really not treating you well, at all. When she starts in, ask her, 'why are you picking a fight, when I haven't done anything? Tell me what's REALLY bothering you'
Your not a mind reader, so don't even try to be...again, just be yourself, stop assuming she's always right and your always wrong.
Show her your getting tired of her antics by not being drawn into fights or apologizing unnecessarily. Hopefully, she'll turn things around. Otherwise, there are many other girls out there who are much less demanding.
good luck

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