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Re: Help me!!!
Feb 17, 2005
Sounds like your boyfriend wants you as his girlfriend but not the actual relationship. It takes TWO to make a solid relationship - NOT ONE
You can't do it all by yourself......

You have known him for Eight Months so you should know by now if he is a phone person or not...Their are males and females who just don't like having long dragged out conversations on the telephone. Some just want to make their plans and get off the phone -

If you want to be stubborn and continue the relationship, then accept that he wants you by his side (as his girl?) but at his age - he also wants his freedom of going out or hanging with the guys.

YOU....should also be creating a life of your own, with your own interests as well as with your boyfriend, if that is what you want to save your relationship.

Don't live your life completely around your boyfriend. You can have a life with him and also without him - It's your choice....

As far as giving up on him? As I said; it takes TWO to make a relationship if it an't happening then there is nothing to give up but throw in the towel because this is not the type of relationship you want for YOU.... :cool:

You decide....WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU. :)

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