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Hi everyone,

A friend of mine set me up with one of her boyfriends mates from work (they are both in the RAF) we text and phoned each other for a couple of weeks before meeting and then went out the four of us, we had a great time and got on well together so decided to meet again last Friday, again we got on really well and he hinted lots at going out/seeing each other again, which I was really happy to do. When he dropped me home he said to text him. So later that evening I text him to make sure he got home ok (he was on two weeks leave the base where he usually lives and gone back home, which is a long way from where I live so I wanted to make sure he didn't get lost like he did on the way to picking me up!). Anyway, he didn't reply to that text so I left it til the next evening and text him again, just a general chit chat type text, again he didn't reply! - it's now been 5 days and I haven't heard a thing!. I assumed he'd changed his mind or was just being kind when he mentioned going out again but when the friend who set us up asked if I'd heard from him sounded really surprised when I told her I hadn't because she said he really liked me! - she thinks he's playing hard to get or just taking advantage of being at home with his mates because he so rarely gets to do that sort of thing.

How long do people usually leave it before contacting someone after the first couple of dates? - baring in mind originally we used to text every day and he was really good at replying. And why would someone act so keen if they're not really?

Does anyone thing I ought to take the hint and let this one lie or is my friend right, she's convinced I'll hear from him again.

Opinions much appreciated!

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