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[QUOTE=heartlandguy]Good morning, Goody :wave: My next step is to post on the Anxiety board. I get a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think of making the cold calls. At this point in the Ellis book, I believe the uncertainty of what might happen causes the anxiety that causes my procrastination. What I hope to accomplish is to change my reaction to uncertainty from anxiety to a sense of adventure or exhilaration. (I want to turn lemons into lemonade. :) )[/QUOTE] The uncertainty involves taking a risk. And I can't think of one good thing that I have achieved in my life that hasn't involved taking some sort of risk. Can You???? Think about it.....from trying out for a team, to applying to a college, to getting to a first date, to finding our spouses, and to getting a job....all of these things involved some risk taking.'ve got talents and experience that will be an asset to any company, business, employer etc. So where does the anxiety come from??? Is it due to lack of confidence or being out there with other people...where do you think it stems from?? If we can identify it then perhaps we can alleviate it. You shared with me how you and Nini are so alike.....I sense, if I am right a low self-esteem and fear of failure. Am I right??? We need to discuss that in order to get over the next hurdle.

[B]I want to beat this problem because it has haunted me all my life. I have no rational reason to respond this way. Once I hit a deadline and can procrastinate no longer, I blindly stumble forward for a bit, get my bearings and do what I must… and I seem to do whatever needs to be done as well as anybody. I think the impending deadlines don’t allow time for me to dwell on my anxiety so I finally become effective. However, the stress of “always” being in “deadline mode” is unhealthy and, while self-employed, it always left me a step behind the competition.[/B]

I'd like for us to focus on this for a bit. Think back for me when you first encountered this problem in your life. Have you always left things for the last minute??? And how did that leave you feeling??? Do you have time to relax??? Or do you find you're always running around in circles leaving many jobs half undone???? What were you like in terms of performance in your very first job as a young teen???? I know.....lots of questions, but they will help us out.

[B]I expect that my cold call cover letter will reflect my attitude towards the cold calls so, ideally, I want to eliminate any negative thinking before finalizing the letter and actually making the cold calls.[/B]

I suspect that alot of your concerns and anxiety has to do with not being out in the real world for a while. This is normal, Heartland, and I am certain from what I know of you that once you dip your feet in the water again you'll be swimming like a pro :bouncing: So, please don't weigh yourself honest with the prospective employers about your lack of exposure but eagerness to perform and give them your best.

[QUOTE=heartland]Have a nice day near the water (and rich and famous :) ) If your waterfront neighbors unknowingly provide you with an Internet hot spot, it will demonstrate just how poor the security for wireless networking is. Have fun, my friend. Our fab four (minus one) will be having a seafood feast this evening. Somehow that seems so wrong… but it isn’t stopping us.[/QUOTE] That was our latest risk.....and a dream we've had since we married. It's in what we call "The Gateway to the Hamptons".....close enough but far enough from the was our diamond in the rough ;) It's 30 minutes away and for 5 years things will be tight but after that we will decide which of the two lives we prefer. But no luck with the networking.....will look into that in a few weeks.

Will look for you on the Anxiety board...meanwhile see if you can help me identify what triggers your anxiety and leads to procrastination. And when do you expect the cover letter to be finalized....I'm guessing by Tuesday for your next meeting????? Have a great time guilt is necessary. You deserve a night off ;)

On the road again after a much needed nap.......Goody :wave:

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