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This doesn't seem like the best situasion to be in...It's great that your family accept the way you feel about Alan's girl...but what does Alan think about this? Have you asked him? If he isn't okay with this, you should leave her alone. Alan is your family, and you should respect his feelings about this matter.

Even though he doesn't have feelings for her it's wrong if he doesn't approve...Even though he approves, it will still be weird. Like...a buddy of my bf just became very close to my bf ex...and now they are together and sleeps with eachother. This means that every event ALL of my bf friends will do together, she will be there as well. This is freaking me out. Not that I feel threatened of her or anything...I know that my bf has no feelings for her...but still...

I have always had this golden *silent* rule(and so have all of those I can think about) DON'T DATE A FRIEND OR A FAMILYMEMBERS EX....How would you feel if one of you best buddy's came to your house with one of your ex'es? How would you curent gf react on this...etc.etc.

About this other girl...If you don't have the rigth feelings for her, why do you bother thinking about taking what you have to the next level?
Just be clear to her that you don't have romantic feelings for her, and that you just want to be friends with her...

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