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[QUOTE=coocoo]I say its good you don't want to get hurt, smart. You can let someone in and trust them completely and get hurt even worse. I say you don't have to be head over heals thats only in movies and if its in real life don't trust it. But then again I've just been hurt really bad and I wish I thought more like you cause then this wouldnt hurt so bad so be thankful you still have yourself and your cautions and thats all you need to love someone else. dont expect head over heels, expect respect, thats true love.[/QUOTE]

If you constantly live in the fear of getting your heart hurt, then you're not really living...

Love is always a big risk... but when you hit those highs, they make up for any of the hurts...

It's not good to be this way, and you are shortchanging yourself of all the happiness that you COULD have if you would only allow it.

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