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i have been seeing this guy for about 3 weeks, when we got together i asked him if he had a girlfriend (as he lives in another town and comes here for work for long periods of time) and he said that he was seeing this girl from time to time and that she rented a room at his house in the town where hes from.
so i said alright you know pick me or her, and hes like oh you for sure, im gonna break it off with her right when i get home. so he leaves for the long weekend on this thursday past, and when he leaves his cousin told my aunt that he(the guy im seeing) has a girlfriend at home and theyve been together for 3 years. i was really mad that he lied to me and everything. a few other people told me this too. now today its tuesday and his cousin comes back to my aunt and tells her he was wrong and they had broken up. i dont know who to belive im supposed to call my guy later and talk. at work i was gonna talk to him about it(we work together) but i didnt want to freak out at work and have everyone talking about it (i work with 60 guys and im the only girl there) so everyone is unusually interested in my business with men and who im dating and so on and so forth.

anyway im supposed to call him tonigh and im gonna ask his straight out, tell me the truth because alot of people have told me that youre still with that girl and i really like you but im not into sharing you.

is there anything else i should ask or say. i mean as i said i really like this guy hes so much fun and really nice but im not into just being the girl he sees while hes here before he goes home to his real girlfriend...

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