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This isn't a big problem, but it's kinda on my mind. I broke up with my boyfriend almost a month ago. It's been a really good move for me. The relationship was awful, and I'm much happier now. Since that relationship was so bad, I haven't really been looking to date yet--I just want some time to myself. A good plan, except I ended up kissing my friend the other night. We've been friends for years, he's met my boyfriends, I've met the girls he dated. We've even been single at the same time before with nothing happening. However, he's always been around and we've spent a lot of time together with other people. Then, all of sudden, he decides to move and I just had this persistent feeling that I had to kiss him and see if there was anything there. Maybe he had the same thought too because his last night in town, we went out and ended up smooching for hours. I think I was really hoping it would be weird and awkward and the unresolved question about him would be answered. Instead, it was great, and now this guy that I know I like to spend time with and have great chemistry with and have known for a long time has moved far away.

I have no idea what this all means. We've talked since, but not about what happened. I don't really see us starting anything since he now lives so far away. I don't want our friendship to be messed up because of this, but I'm afraid it will be. We've always been able to talk about who we're dating and things like that, and now I don't know how that's gonna go. I'm thinking I should have restrained myself since there's no real potential for a relationship and I really do value his friendship. Has anyone had an experience like this? Is it possible to go back to being friends?

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