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Hi guys

I wrote a message at the beginning of January to explain that my boyfriend of seven years decided to split up with me because he felt we were more like friends, at the time I was devastated and still miss him terribly, but with the help of friends and family I realised things would get better. I then posted a couple of weeks later to say how I'd been on a date with a friend of a friend. I really liked him and we got on well so I thought things were going to take a turn for the better.

However, since my last date with this guy I haven't heard from him, he hasn't replied to my texts and might as well have disappeared off the face of the earth! My friend says that he said he really liked me and that even if he didn't he's not the sort of person to just ignore me and would at least text to say he didn't want to see me again, so we don't know what's going on with him and whether I'll even here from him again. I've also since found out that my ex has a new girlfriend (he's admitted that he knew her when we were together so I'm pretty sure he was seeing her when he was with me) who I bumped into on Saturday night, he stopped for a full on chat which wasn't what I needed (when we split up we agreed to try and stay friends and he emails me every two to three days), I feel as though I've lost all my friends because my ex goes out in a group with them and takes his new girlfriend so I feel I can't go (I'm not yet ready to see him with someone else!) To top it off even my best friend has been there when they've all been out and seems to get on with her really well and tells me how nice she is (I don't feel I can say to her to stop talking about it because I don't want it to get back to my ex that I don't like it!), what's worse is my best friend is sooooo pretty and every bloke that ever meets her falls for her, she's just started seeing a man who she works with even though she has a boyfriend and can't see that what she's doing is exactly what my ex was doing to me and she won't stop talking about him (I'm friends with her boyfriend also and hate what she's doing to him!) It's like she has tunnel vision and doesn't realise it's like rubbing it in my face that she has the best of both worlds and I have nothing!

How come everyone is so happy at a time when I'm so low and all I get to here about is how happy they are with their lives, my ex has a new girlfriend (and a new job) my best friend is loving her exciting double life, I want to tell her she has to make a decision but she'll probably tell me I'm just jealous and it's cause an argument, I feel like I've lost all my close friends because I can't go out with them while my ex and his new girlfriend is. And the one person Icould see myself getting close to may as well of disappeared off the face of the earth!

Does anyone believe that good things come to those who wait or that at some point everyone is dealt a good card? - I thought that in time a break-up was supposed to get easier, but how can it when get easier when nothing is going right in my life and everyone else's happiness is being rubbed in my face!?

Please help!! - it's getting desperate!!!!

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