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[QUOTE=soulster]He seems more of a screwed up guy than a true snake. He doesnt know what he wants because what he wants is probably not out there- a women who will never argue or raise an opinion.[/QUOTE]

I don't quite know how to classify him. He's definately part reptile!

I didn't tell you guys a lot of what has gone on over the past 4 weeks or so. I've been traveling quite a lot so I haven't had much of a chance to check in. When I returned from Florida, I was invited by one of my coworkers who is in a band perform Saturday night. That Saturday night happened to be my birthday and a bunch of people I work with went and made a big deal out of it (buying me drinks and playing songs for me, etc). The ex for certain knew it was my birthday and also knew for certain I was going.

He came with his new gf. Of all nights to do that to me. I held it together but would have left when I walked in and saw him but I didn't have my vehicle and couldn't leave. I didn't cry but stayed far from him and his gf (luckily there were other people there that I knew and hung out with). That hurt!

Then, last week on the business trip, a large group of us were in the hotel bar socializing and of course he came in and was laughing and joking. I literally had a melt down. I haven't cried that hard since this whole ordeal happened. Several people came to my room to check if I was alright.

Finally, the last night we were away, a group of us went out to a club and guess who showed up? I avoided him as best I could. At sometime during the evening he tracked me down in the club and started to tell us all about "this really great girl he used to date" and on and on about her (talking about me) then saying out loud "isn't that right *****. I cried again.

I think he's trying kill me. I made no contact the whole trip. Ignored him the entire time. He made a point of putting himself in all the places I was. Almost like stalking. Then the knock at my door and the tears, blah, blah. Now he just wants to be friends. My mind is spinning. I've got to find a way to put an end to this.

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