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Re: Am I Crazy??
Mar 1, 2005
I understand were you're coming from! Before I met my BF I was totally full of confidence and to be quite honest didnt give a rats @*!! about any man! Now however, I am a total nervous wreck, insecure, and paranoid! things came to a head for me last year when i just couldnt take any more, I was convinced our relationship was over cos I felt that he wasnt treating me the way I deserved to be treated and by him being totally unaffectionate, it pushed me further and further into my own insecurity! i'm nw on meds for 'emotional stress and anxiety' ...and i can say for me personally that i am starting to feel a bit like my old self again! am slowly gaining my confidence back and since i got 'ill' my BF has paid more attention, altho he has his moments like all men whcih can sometimes set me back but I have got to be strong and get throught this for me! Remeber, for every girl he might check out, there is at least another 2 guys checking out you!! Once you learn to apprecitae your self, which is whatyou learn you have to do, it becomes a little easier! I was so paranoid that my BF would go but really, I just didnt love me enuff to think he would even want to be with me! Its weird how one man can make us feel like this and ometimes they do know how to work at your weak spots but we can become strong again and realise that if he goes out with the lads, yeah there will be girls there, yeah some of them will be gorgeous but I bet he's thinking the exact same thing whenm you're out with your girlfriends!!! - Geez, I should take my own advice!!

Take care and talk to someone who will tell you how amazing you are and start to boost your confidence!!

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