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I'm currently 21 and recently realized how pathetic my life really is. As embarrassing as it is to say, I've never kissed a girl or even had a real girlfriend.

At about age 18, is when I really started to ask out girls. In the last 3 years, I've tried to hook up with a total of 8 girls; all of which rejected me. 2 had boyfriends, so there was nothing I could have done there. The other 6, all said "yes" and gave me their phone numbers. 2/6 girls had even given me their phone numbers without me even asking; they had just offered after our conversation was done. And when the 1st call was made, all 6 had changed their minds to "no". Keep in mind the age factor, so it's not like these girls are "too busy" or not ready to date. I try to not take things too personally, but it's obvious it is something personal about me. And it's not as if I had said/done something stupid between the time I got their # and the time I had first called. Some of the girls won't even talk to me on the phone, they just screen my call or tell me that they'll call me later and never do. I don't know why this is happening to me. One date is all I ask for. If they say "no" after that 1st date, then I can understand, but none of these girls will even give me a chance.

A lot of you are probably thinking of saying, it's no big deal, keep trying and something will happen. I used to think that, but it doesn't seem to be happening. My resolution when I started college was to not wait so long after 1 rejection before asking out another girl. So this year, after 1 rejection, 2 weeks later I asked out another girl, and yet again,another rejection! IF I ever get a girl, I'm going to have ZERO experience with the relationship. I still can't believe I'm 21 with no experience and still haven't even kissed a girl. This stuff gets me so depressed during the day that I can barely focus on school anymore. I really hate my life.

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