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Ok, so I was out with the girl who set us up on Saturday night and she told me that this guy was going out with her boyfriend that night also (very unusual because he normally goes home at the weekends, in fact he's only been out where I live twice before and once was with me!) he said he'd called her house to ask what time her boyfriend was going out and asked how I was, thought I was a nice girl etc she made it clear she wasn't happy that he hadn't been contacting me etc. At the same time she was telling me this he text me (first time since he text me to apologize for not contacting me because he had a lot of things on his mind etc and his friend told him to contact me again if he didn't want to see me). His text said: have a nice night, if you see me in the gutter, kick me (obviously feeling guilty since talking to my friend!)
Over the course of the evening she told me that since our last date he's discovered that his Dad is having an affair (his Mum and sister don't know so he's in an awkward situation) we assumed this is the reason he didn't want to go home at the weekend, he looks up to his father a lot (or at least he did!) but now he's worried about the whole monogamy thing, his ex girlfriend cheated on him and he's still quite cut up about her (even though they've been split up 18 months!). Plus he's been posted back to Iraq (although that's only a short term thing, couple of weeks at the most!) At the end of the evening my friend and I met her boyfriend to catch a taxi home with him, this guy was there and with lots of his other mates from the RAF, he looked at me briefly then looked away, his friend told me I should at least say hello, but I didn't think it was appropriate (you know what a bunch of lads are like when they are together, I don't think he would have appreciated it much!). On the way home his friend told me to forget about him and let him try and sort his head out!
Made the mistake yesterday of texting him to say sorry for not speaking, didn't know what to say, hope he had a good night etc. Obviously he hasn't replied!
I guess I'm most annoyed because we obviously both like each other, but he's got too much going on in his life at the moment to think about a relationship (talk about bad timing!), I feel really sorry for him and would like to be there for him, even if it's just for a chat, he obviously doesn’t want to talk about it and probably least of all with someone he doesn't know very well. If he really got to know me he'd soon realize that I'm not the sort of person who cheats, I don't hurt people, I value my friendships and I'm honest and thoughtful, I wouldn't force him into anything and I'm certainly not going to expect marriage any time soon! - He was the one who said he wanted a relationship (before he found out about his Dad!) and now he's changed his mind!
I'm starting to accept that I'm not going to hear from him again, it's just a shame that it's all been such bad timing!
Apologies for the long post, had to get all of this out in the open!

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