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I do not have an excuse for everything, I have clearly stated in my above post that I am merely JUSIFYING my actions.
[QUOTE]the original poster was making excuses so much as refuting certain unfounded assumptions that apparently both you and her ex made.[/QUOTE] YES.

I know I could have handled the situation differently but I didnít, & I am giving my reasons to why I didnít handle the situation & thought that what I was doing was of no harm.
I have already admitted my mistake and that accepting the rose was inappropriate.

Disregard the title, I stated in one of my posts earlier that I really do not want the blame to be pointed out here but just peoples opinions on the matter to give me a peace of mind and have a more understanding on the matter.

I do not want to be told that my boyfriend is at fault, and that I had no responsibility for what happened. I have already taken responsibility for my actions & have ADMITTED that I was WRONG in accepting the rose, I have admitted that I could have dealt with the situation differently more to my boyfriends liking. I have clearly admitted all this.

I didnít say I wanted my boyfriend to come & rescue me. Your saying why didnít I go to him? Then I can ask this, Why didnít my boyfriend come to me? Why didnít he come to me when he was witnessing the incident and thought it was something much more than it was? I didnít think it was thatís why I did not feel any kind of threat, if my boyfriend was threatened and thought that the guy was being too friendly why didnít he approach me? If roles were reversed and I thought that a girl was getting to close to my bf & I felt threatened I would have approached him.

You pointed out ways in which I could have dealt with the situation & I KNOW ALL THAT. I know & I wish I handled the situation differently but the bottom line is I know I didnít and im just giving just reasoning onto why I didnít at the time. I was put on the spot. Took pre-cautions, etc. I explained all that on my above post.

I didnít want to insult the guy who offered me the rose, but I also didnít at the time feel like accepting the rose was an insult to my bf because I know where our relationship stands & I knew he knew I would take it as nothing. Being my bf for 3 years I know he knows me & I thought I knew or at least thought he would have understood why I saved him the trouble of butting in.

I have taken responsibility and have accepted that our relationship is over.

[quote] Why not see the scene as it played out in your boyfriend's eyes? What did it look like to HIM? [/quote]
I have thatís why I admit that accepting the rose was wrong. But why cant he see it through my eyes and see why I did what I did & ACCEPT my mistakes and take all that into consideration instead of drastically over reacting, forgetting about everything weíve been through and ending our relationship. People learn from their mistakes.

A relationship is 50/50 and yeah being in a relationship with problems means that I am half the problem, he is obviously the other half.

Our view on this whole situation is different, I have understood him, why cant he take the effort in trying to understand me.

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