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[QUOTE=Anti Social]I know that there is no time limit to getting over someone after a breakup but mine happened 5 months ago & I am still NOT over it.No where near being over it actually.I am still having dreams about him,nightmares actually.Recent one was just last night and it was horrible! Woke up sweating & upset.Having these nightmares just proves to me that I am not over him and I am not ready to move on.

To be honest,right now I think I will NEVER get over this breakup or what he did to me.I feel like it will never end.5 months later and I am still not in a good space.The saying "time heals all wounds" is crap.I dont believe that.I would think that after all this time and all the space between us,I would be somewhat better.But I am not.If anything I am getting worse because I just feel totally horrible.

Just needed to vent once again.[/QUOTE]

OMG! When I read this I had to double check who wrote it because for a minute I thought I had written it and forgot about it! We could be twins. It's also been 5 months since my breakup and my feelings/emotions are almost identicle to yours. I work with the guys which doesn't help but I try to avoid him at all cost! I don't have much time to write now and will check back with you later today. I don't believe the "time" thing either. I have ok days then slide back into really horrible days (mostly brought on by seeing him or something he has said or done to upset me). If you are interested, read my thread "In crisis." You can get an idea what I've had to deal with over the past 3 weeks or so. I'll check back with you later. Hang in there!!! We can work on this together.

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