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I know EXACTLY what youre going through. I was dating a woman last year who went to Mexico on her own. We had only been dating a few months at the time and I was insecure as hell about it. I basically barely slept or ate the whole time she was gone because I drove myself so nuts thinking about things.

To make things worse, I kind of did what you did and even though we had already discussed not sleeping with other people, I felt the need to bring it up again before she left. She wasnt pleased and got a little mad and asked why I was bringing that up right before she left and asked if I was worried that she was going to do something on her trip. She was supposed to call before she left, and didnt, so that made it even worse.

Anyway, she got back and everything was fine. Nothing happened (as far as I know) and I basically drove myself nuts for nothing.

You know her better than any of us. Do you think shes the type to go down there and fool around with someone, or do you think your insecurities are getting to you?

I would add to really watch the insecurity. Women (or at least the ones I know) get annoyed with insecure men. It makes them think they arent trusted on some level. Insecurity is also not attractive to a lot of women. I dated a woman a while back that was always worried that I was going to go off and cheat on her or leave her and it got old pretty quick. In fact, it was one of the reasons I did end up breaking things off with her.

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