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From what you say I would be worried as well, if you were telling the opposite of what you have I would say no need to worry but it sounds to me like she isnt the type I would trust either. She shouldnt be lying,hugging or flirting with anyone if you 2 are in an exclusive relationship .My ex was a lier she couldnt be trusted and I worried when she went on a vacation with friends. Turns out I had reason to I found out and I wont say how but she had sex with a man she met in a club. Now on the other hand the person I am with now if she went somewhere without me for 7 days I would not worry one bit....just an example of the difference between someone that you trust and someone who has lied to you in the past. iTS ALOT NICER WHEN THERE IS TRUST !!
Relationships are not supposed to be a constant worry about if your partner is messing around on you or if they are being dishonest. Trust me dude if she does anything behind your back she isnt gonna tell you straight out. You may notice changes in the way she acts, she may be stand offish and distant towards you but if you think she is gonna come right out and tell you I think you are wrong.After all you said in an earlier post that she lied to you in the past so you wouldnt get hurt about something . And being drunk is no excuse for anyones actions, if this woman cares the least bit about you she would be missing you not going out getting wasted and playing with guys on her vacation . There are so many red flags here that I would be out of this and looking for a woman that can be trusted.If you dont have trust in a relationship then that relationship isnt worth having.I really hate to burst your bubble but I think this woman is keeping you on the shelf and doesnt want to be tied down with you. You shouldnt have to worry about this kind of stuff, that is not what its all about !
JetHot, your girlfriend could be telling you the truth with the phone numbers and "maybe" they really don't work outside of Mexico or where ever.
You have trust issues and I'm sure they're valid ones since you said in your first post you don't trust her or she's lied to you in the past.

SO while your girlfriend is off having a Great Time, you have been home stressing about what she is doing and with who she is doing it with.

You never answered why didn't you go with her and her family on vacation?

Have you even thought about all this stressing you out trip about where your relationship is? What do you want? Yeah, you love her but you don't trust her - that is what you need to be working on...Instead your mad cause she is off having a great time without you, missing calls, waiting for "something" to happen that you really don't know and may never know...

If you really want her, then have her come to YOU when she's done having a good time and see how you feel. If your still panic stricken over her trip you need to really look at what the relationship is doing to YOU. :cool:
DUDE ! WAKE UP ALREADY! YES you should be mad if she is hugging and flirting with guys! If she was just your friend the the answer would be no, but there is supposed to be a relationship here right? Well if there is she and she can not go out without hugging and hanging on guys that she doesnt even know then there is a problem!!!As I said before it sounds (from what you posted in the past) that there is a problem with her telling lies, that is the 1st problem in this picture! 2ND it sounds as if she enjoys hanging on strangers ! You need to find someone that you can trust or suffer the results here. Just from what YOU have told us sounds like this chick is trouble!Trust me I once was with someone that sounds like her to a T and it was one hit after another!

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