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:) :confused: I have posted my problem on other sites, and need as much advice as possible!

This guy and i have been best friends since high school (6 1/2years now). We have always had a cool relationship. The usual joke around, playful, fun. But we are also really close. He told me that im the best friend he has ever had.

Over the past 4 years, things have changed between us. We have grown very emotionally close to one another. We can talk to eachother like we are unable to talk to other people. The conversations at times seem like we are more gf/bf than best friends. At one point we were talking like 8 times a day. Well, we moved to the same college town and started experiencing new people and our new environment. We were fighting a lot during our first year away from home, but the strange thing was when we would fight, he would still find a way to get around me. Either through friends, or he would call my phone from a blocked number (he wouldn't say a word though, just listened). Everyone teases me and calls him my husband. I just brush it off.

Well It has been a few years since we have moved away. I actually graduated and moved back home. My last year (i graduated last may) in our college town was great. We were spending a lot of time together. We would meet up at the bars, or just go on drives together. Many times i would pick him up after he was home from the bars and take him to get something to eat, and we would just talk for hours. If I didnt pick him up, he was still calling me when he got home to talk to me. he would tell me that im such a wonderful girl, with a big heart and that i would be an awesome wife and mother someday. He told me i would be the best teacher ever etc.. But often times, he would tell me about the girls out at the bars that he went home with. Sometimes i would believe him, other times i knew he was full of you know what (trying to make me jealous).

Well, he and i go through fazes where he will get mad at me and not speak to me for a while, i am always hurt and confused by this. He still manages to contact me though. Like I said earlier, he will call me from blocked numbers and just listen to what i am doing. I know it is him because it only happens when he and i fight. The phone calls are usually 2am after the bars close. anyway, we were getting along really well last fall, and i remember at my christmas party we were talking in my room and he told me that he's never going to find a good girl, and just the way he looks in my eyes drives me crazy! I found him with his hand at my waist when we went out, and sometimes holding my hand when we were going on drives and talking.

Not long after we were getting along so well, he got mad at me for no reason. I gave him small gift (nothing major it was a funny book) for his birthday and that night he got all crazy. He threw the book down, dumped beer on it and told me he hated me and i was never his best friend. I didnt understand what was going on so i followed him and tried to understand. He told me that he just needed to get partying out of his system and why couldnt i understand that? I was confused because he and I are friends, and i have never tryed to make him do anything. He said if we were on a playground, he didnt want to play with me right now. it was the wierdest thing. This coming from the guy who is so comfortable with me that he calls me from the shower or the bath. AHH.. He also told me that he felt like he was going through a divorce, and he hoped i never got a divorce. I was crying my eyes out to him trying to understand, but he just needed his space.

about a week later he started calling me. One night he saw me talking to some guy in the bars and called me all night (from blocked numbers of course,still not saying anything because we were not speaking). One time it was like 17 times in a half hour time period and i told him i was turning my phone off that he was going to either talk to me or go to bed. well the next night we hung out he apologized when he saw me. But would never give me an explanation. He didnt want to bring up the past.

We got a long for a few months. spending time together etc. One night i was dropping him off at home at about 3am, he got out of the car and when i was driving away, he was standing there with a huge smile on his face. he called me when i got home and mumbled that he loved me. I said it back. I think he tried to cover it up because he said to me "are you like my sister" ? well we were getting along and hanging out like normal, and then one night he and i were driving and he said it again. This time comparing me to his family. he said he loved them and would do anything for them, and he loved me too. Now, I dont know how to take this?? because 8 days later he shows up drunk at my house after I saw him out that night, and picks a huge fight with me and tells me he hates me.

I dont know what he is doing???!!!! We didnt talk from april until this past november, and i was going insane. The phone calls were still going on even though he was so mad at me. Finally he came around and apologized. I dont know why he got so upset and pushed away again. I told him that he had no reason to do that, because i am the best friend he will ever have and needs to respect me. When we are together things are great. It feels like its more than friendship. We have never made out or crossed that line, but I love him very much. Im even pretty close to his brother. Over the past few months we have been good. He got jealous when i mentioned this guy to him, but nothing came of it anyway.

Some of you may think that i have talked about alcohol quite a bit, he isn't an alcoholic at all, he is just in the college scene and is actually graduating with a business and econ degree this may, so he has it together with ambition and education.

He calls me when he is out of town on vacations with the boys, and from the bars, and when he gets home. Just recently told me that he wishes he had a good girlfriend , and described everything about me!!??? Does he have more than friend feelings for me?? OR am i reading too much into something that i want??? Any advice would be great!!!!!

Thank you!

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