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A violent night
Mar 11, 2005
I met my girlfriend last may. She is 21 and I am 23. This is my first relationship.

Last night her and I were drinking alot. Everything was great for a few hours. Than the night went very bad. We started talking about her family and how bad they treat her. It got very emotional. Out of no where she grabbed my 4 inch blade pocket knife and went to the bathroom. Instantly I went up to her to try and get it away from her. We struggled for a good 10 or so seconds or that is what it felt like. I was worried in the stuggle someone was going to get badly cut. Than we would have to go to the e.r. or if she cut her wrist she would have to go the mental instituion. I pinned her hands against the wall but she was still fighting to get free with the knife. At a split seconds decision I decided to head butt her three times to get her to stop. I weighed it out and I thought a black eye is better than a slit wrist or her badly cutting her body or mine. She went down and it ended that very very scarry situation. Her eye looked to be swallowen but it did not look like a black eye.

She lives with her parents. Her mother of course asked what happened. My gf told her mom she fell of my bicycle. Her mom even talked to me on the phone to confirm this and I could tell she didn't believe it. So her mom and the rest of her family is now going to think I punched her in a fit of verbal rage.

I told my girlfriend that she can leave the story like that and they will think I beat her anyways. She could also tell them what really happened. I think the truth is less than favorable for her. Than she will have to explain why she had a 4 inch knife out and was going to hurt herself. Her mom is not going to be happy I head butted her but it is 100% better than beating her in the face cause I am pissed. I have also never physically hurt her in an abusive way. They only time I have her hurt is acidentally when we are ruff housing.

I have had absoultly no contact with her parents either. They have never once invitied me into their house. They have said a few setances to me once and that is it. They just sit behind their closed doors and windows and judge me when I pick her up. So the last think I need is them thinking I beat their daughter. Sadly thought her father has mistreated her very badly and the rest of her family doesn't treat her well either.

It also frustrates me so very much that she won't leave her family and live with me. I treat her very good but yet she rather stay with her family that treats her bad.

That whole situation is just a nightmirror right now. Last night we were having the greatist time together and now I am dealing with this.

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