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Fool me once...?
Mar 12, 2005
Okay, guys. I have walked myself into quite the situation here.
I recently started dating someone I really like a lot. Someone I've had my eye on and have slowly been falling for since last summer. He goes to the same bar/restaurant I go to every Friday night to dance (country dancing), and taught me all the dances from the start. We started seeing each other just as soon as both our seperate relationships ended, which happened to be right at the same time. We clicked so well and totally fell into the relationship head first. Things moved very quickly and we were spending just about every night together, staying up late talking. He was wonderful- we were great together. I had never been happier. And when we'd go dancing, I was so proud to be his girl. He's been dancing there for about 3 years, so everyone knows him and many of the girls there have crushes on him.
The place where we dance can be a serious drama trap, however. Because everyone's a regular, everyone's in each others business. And me walking in there with him pretty much put a spotlight on our relationship. But it was like heaven being there with him, dancing with him, and he was so charming towards my friends and me.
One night, last Tuesday, out of the blue, he ended the relationship. Said he was freaked out, his relationship had just ended, and a bunch of other incoheret stuff I couldn't understand. I was left completely confused and dizzy. I still couldn't put any of his sentences together to form a point or a logical reason, so all I could think of was that he was just scared. We were moving VERY quickly. So I let it go, but I wasn't going to give up my dancing nights. I didn't speak to him at all for the next 3 days until last night (Friday) when I saw him at our dancing place.
He was very sweet to me, and told me he'd like to talk to me. Said his friends told him to wait a week but that he couldn't wait anymore. I knew what was coming, but told him we'd talk later. So the night goes on, and I'm hanging out with all my other male friends there, dancing a lot with them. I could feel him watching me with jealousy and regret for what he did. It was comforting and ego-fulfilling to be the one who was being chased by him after what he had done. I just smiled, laughed, and danced with him when he asked like nothing was wrong at all. Played all my cards right. Because truth be told, I really did want to be with this guy. And I had a feeling he would be back. So all night, he was flirting with me, chasing me around, watching me, until finally he pulls me aside and tells me he made a huge mistake. He was scared and confused and the past few days all he's thought about has been me. Said he didn't want to lose me, he knew all he wanted was me, etc... I then told him I couldn't trust him and that he'd already lost me. A couple minutes later he comes to me with a single red rose. Asked me to dance the last slow dance with him. I fell. I caved. I adore him, and he was holding me and begging me to give him another chance. We kissed and everything was perfect. Until two of the other "regular" girls (one, by the way, has always had an obsessive crush on him and has been asking him out for the past 3 or 4 months- real snobby and always gives me dirty looks) start screaming at him from the side of the dance floor. The friend of the one who likes him grabs me aside and tells me she's sorry to break up our dance, but that the other girl is his girlfriend. :eek: Asks me if I knew that. Shocked, I just stood there saying how stupid I was to get sucked back in by him.
He comes running over to me and I simply threw the rose at his feet and ran out of there. In tears in the car, I started thinking though. I just about slammed on the breaks when the realization hit me. I wasn't fooled by him, I was fooled by the girls! That witch had heard we were broken up, thought she had another chance, saw us getting back together, and flipped out. They are nothing but drama queens, and they're both completely immature and trying to interfere in our business. I know this because in thinking more about it, I was there with him every weekend- arriving with him, leaving with him, dancing with him, kissing him, it was obvious we were together! And she was there every week witnessing this! How could she have been his girlfriend? Plus, we were together just about every night. No way did any of it make sense. :confused:
I answered the phone when he called and he followed me back to my house without me knowing (adorable). I heard him out. Because my gut instinct was to believe what he was telling me. Why, if his "girlfriend" was there, would he be coupled up with me, kissing me while slow dancing?? Plus, she did nothing in the way of explaining how long they'd been together or any of the details, all she did was insist he was a jerk and I should forget about him. We talked for hours, and he wants to see me tonight. He is set on trying it again with me, admitted he was scared and wrong, and will do anything. My question is how am I supposed to deal with this drama at our dancing place every weekend? Going there is one of the few things that TRULY makes me happy, and I'd hate to give it up just because of those idiots. I also wonder what everyone thinks of the situation and how it looks (think the girls are liars?). They've always been so cold and cruel to me, and very jealous.
I do want to be with this guy. He is wonderful and I'm just happy he came back and realized he wanted to be with me. How in the world do I proceed from here though????? :confused:

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