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[QUOTE=Hangin in There]Happy Birthday!

Let us know what happened.[/QUOTE] is the latest update. He was supposed to come to my house to hang out on Fri. right?.... well... he called me in the afternoon and said that he just found out that he had to pitch (baseball game) on Sat. and had alot of stuff to get done so he wanted me to come to his place instead. And he had practice until 7:30 that evening and said that I could just pick him up at the field and we could ride back to his apt. together. So.... I made arrangements and that is what I did. By the way.... when he called and said there was a change of plans....I said "if you want to cancel that is fine, I understand".... and he said "NO...I DO NOT WANT TO CANCEL I WANT TO SEE YOU". Acted really interested in seeing me. Acting like his old self.

Well.... I thought to myself before going to see him....(I am not going to spend the night with him unless we talk about what is up with us)..... I needed to show him that I do have respect for myself. That is exactly what I did. By the way...I thought he had alot of stuff to take care of and that is why the plans changed and we were going to his place...but he in fact did not even have anything to get done. I realized that later.

We rented a couple movies...went to his place, and watched both of them. He was sort of stand-offish. Didn't really show any effection towards me. And...I was thinking that maybe he at least got me a b-day card...BUT NO. NOTHING. My feelings were sort of hurt.

He kept asking a joking way..."Do I get to give you your b-day spanking at 12:00???" So...I played right back and said sure...whatever. So I guess this was his way of trying to make a move or something. He kept asking me what time it was and when it was 12 he said are you ready for your spanking??? So...we played around...he was tickling me and I was tickling him back sort of just acting like a couple of kids...laughing and having fun. Well... it was around 12:30 and I said... "Well...I am going to let you get some rest"...and he said "WHat??? Why" ???? And I told him he had a game and had to get up early and I didn't want to keep him up. He said "I CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE LEAVING". He was not expecting that at all. Why would he???.. Every other time we had hung out I stayed and we had sex. So.... I just got up and got my things and left. He didn't say anything other than..."drive safely" Not...can I call you, or talk to ya later....NOTHING.

I felt sad after I left. I really didn't want to leave but I just can't forget the way he has been acting...just sort of off and on. I wanted to ask him what was up with us or what he wanted out of this whole thing....BUT I JUST COULDN'T. I guess I am just too afraid that I will make a fool out of myself. I know I am stupid. Because now..... I have not talked to him since.

I texted him on Sat. afternoon just so he knows that I didn't leave his place because I didn't like him but because I was confused about his feelings. I just texted and said "HI".... he didn't reply...then right before I went out w/friends that night...I text him again and said "I wish you were here to celebrate my b-day with me"................NO REPLY FROM HIM. Then...after having drinks with my girlfriend said to actually call his phone and maybe he would be awake and then I could ask him what the heck is going on with us....................Well...I answer. I got so fed up that now I just deleted his name, number and everything off my phone. Now...I don't even know his number...because I don't have it memorized.

He has not called either. I do not know what to just seems so weird to me that HE WOULD ACT SOOO INTERESTED AND THEN ALL OF THE SUDDEN BACK OFF. I do not think I am going to waste my time anymore thinking about this.

My question for you is .....if he does call me at some point in time.....WHAT SHOULD I SAY????????????????????????????????? you actually think I should wait for him to make a move at this point or should I email him and ask him what his going on?????? My girlfriend seems to think I should email him and ask....but I am thinking I should just wait until he calls (if he does) and then ..... approach it then. How should I word it?????????? I do not want to come off like I want some sort of COMMITMENT....BUT I WANT TO KNOW HOW HE FEELS......but anytime you try to have "THE TALK" with a guy they automatically thinK "OH MY GOSH...THIS GIRL WANTS A COMMITMENT".

I guess the reason I am actually giving this so much thought is because...what if he did start to feel something for me but now is just scared or something..... if that is the case I want him to tell me. But of course that is not something I would bring up.

I guess I really do like him and I AM SOOOO CONFUSED.

My friend that actually set us up is confused as well... she said "I just can not see him not being interested".... WHAT IS YOUR OPINION???

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