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[QUOTE=heartlandguy]Oh, Genster, you should have never mentioned procrastination around Goody. :nono:

Someone actually thought Goody suffers from low self-esteem? Were they joking?!?!? :eek: Third person is just her way of being modest. I imagine Goody will focus in on your "procrastinating to procrastinate" next. ;) When she decides to be the wind beneath your wings, it's like a Nor'easter blowing in... :eek: run, Genster, r-u-n!!! :jester:[/QUOTE]

And who exactly let this guy out of his cage???? And the nerve of him to come out only to insult Goody :eek: Genster...on second thought that book is yours.....

Actually, Heartland, I am glad you came out because between what that original poster and Stacy had to say about my quirky third personess, I was actually thinking that I may be scaring some posters away and started changing this unique quality in me. But somehow your post here brought it all into focus. So Goody's back and you all better watch out!!! Hey, sometimes Nor'easters come in just to shake things up...batten down the hatches, guys, and Genster, you are no exception to the rule. :jester:

I hope your sister arrives soon to pull you from that bed and get you out for some well needed fresh air. Goody went out yesterday for a while and it was just what I needed to lift up my spirits. Hope all is well with you and that next time you post that you are smiling. Hugs & prayers....Goody :angel:

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