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Long story...Currently my husband and I are not on speaking terms with his brother and his wife. My mother -in-law is planning a trip at the end of October (for my husband's grandma's 80th birthday) and wants all of the family to go, but the fact that we are not on speaking terms with husband's brother is getting in the way.

Please read the details below and let me know if any of you think that we are just overreacting, or how to fix the problem so we don't ruin a nice family vacation.

About a year ago my husband and I and brother-in-law purchased a tv together. We got a 2 year loan on it. (My BIL was living with us at the time and his intent was to stay until he finished college. His part of the purchase was $150.00 per month, which was all we charged him to live there too, including all meals.) About 8 months after the purchase he got married and moved out. (but he lives on the same street that we do.)

Before he moved out we talked to him and fiance and told them to remember that there was an agreement to pay loan and that the payments needed to continue until it was paid off. We told them that they could come over and watch movies, have friends over etc. whenever they wanted to since they would own part of the tv. We thought that everything was settled, they would continue to make the payment. Then they got married, went on honeymoon and we didn't see them for a while after that.

About 1 week before the payment was due on the loan husband called BIL and asked him when they were going to make the payment. BIL said that they were not going to because they "couldn't afford it". However, (before they were married) neither BIL or fiance were good at managing money, so they had me put together a budget for them. So husband and I already knew what their income and bills were. Plus, right after they were married his new wife took on a second job "to save money", so we knew that it was a lie that the [I]couldn't[/I] afford, they just [I]wouldn't[/I] afford it.

So, we have not talked to them since this incident.

This semester in college I have a class with one of my friends and she has a class w/my BIL. So I'm getting reports about all of the crap that is being said about me and my husband. It's like every week there is a new lie that is being told about us. The one that disturbs me the most is that BIL told my friend that he has been basically hacking into our computers and looking at instant messenger conversations that my husband and I have. (Is that even possible!?!!)

BIL is now going back to my husbands (& BIL's) mother and telling her all of these lies about things that we are doing to them. One example is: we live on the same street and go to the same church, my SIL told MIL that I told BIL&SIL not to sit by us at church anymore -- which is completely untrue! The just one day started sitting on the opposite side of the room and ignoring us completely.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling. At this point, I could care less about the money that they owe us -- I just hate the fact that they just told us screw you. Basically, I just feel like BIL & SIL screwed us and I know they don't feel the least bit bad about. They still don't think that they did anything wrong. They think that my husband and I were trying to screw them!!

Is it unreasonable of me to not want to have anything to do with them until they realize what they did wrong? Or am I just supposed to forget about it and let my mother-in-law (who I absolutely LOVE) have a nice family vacation?

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