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BTW, he just called...and said he "knows" to keep the toilet seat down. :)

You're right, I did have another post saying things were far as him being a boyfriend. I liked being married (except my first husband was a jerk). I know this guy would help around the house and we would clean, cook and watch TV together...and I don't mind that "dull" lifestyle. He doesn't get mad easily and we've never actually had a fight. Since I don't tell him about those little things that bug me, we always seem to get along. I don't know if I should rock the boat by mentioning them or if I should get them off my chest. :confused:

The sex thing...I don't want to mention the problem in case he would see this...He doesn't talk about it much, but if I bring it up he says he's "working on it". I know he would like to have sex more often, but a problem gets in the way.

Nice talking to you girls. My son wants to watch a video with me til 11:00. I'll check back before I go to bed. ;)

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