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[QUOTE=Hangin in There]Well, it IS hard to find a (good) single man in your 40's. Regardless, I will tell him in a couple months that he's not the one for me. I'm having surgery next month, I'm helping my son look for a job, he'll be getting his driver's license and graduating in June....I have enough going on right now without dealing with a break up too. I'll wait til things have quieted down around here.[/QUOTE]

I hear ya :) but ask anyone - no matter what the age it's hard finding a good man for possible - boyfriend or husband material. :p

You do have alot on your plate right now, and it's not that your boyfriend is too demanding of your time, so at least you know you can do as you please with your life. Good Luck with Your sugrery hope all turns out well. :angel:

I too am 'forcing" :rolleyes: my son to Find A Job, spring vacation is next week, he's got a car & his license, summer will too be here soon and I want him to become a responsiable young man, support his expensive clothes he likes :eek: and well - Just Get a Dang Job :D
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