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Would you be happier if your girlfriend looked like a dog? and had the personality of a dishrag? :confused: It sounds like that's the only type of girl who will make you happy. Actually, that probably wouldn't make you happy either, but at least, you wouldn't have to worry about her getting too much attention.

You say you want her to be happy, but it's obvious you don't---not deep down inside. Everything she says or does makes you jealous. It also sounds like you think the worst in all situations. Yes, some of us do know what happens overseas. I've been to Europe three times (and I WISH something had happened). The whole world isn't geared toward getting into your girlfriend's pants. Everything you've said here says that you want to possess and control her, not love her.

You sound like an intelligent person, but you appear to have an extremely negative attitude toward everything, and one *heck* of a security complex. I've seldom heard anyone sound more insecure. You need to get help. It's no wonder she was laughing with someone else in a way you never do. Do you ever laugh with her, or do you spend all your time obsessing about her being with someone else? :confused: If I were your girlfriend, I would run, not walk, as far away from you as possible before you smother her to death with your negativity, insecurity and jealousy. (Doesn't sound like anyone I'd want to be around.) She sounds like a fun person, but you want to squash everything about her that probably attracted you to her in the first place.

If she truly loves you, you don't need to worry about her having a laugh with someone else. :) But if you keep acting and feeling the way you are now, who could blame her if she wanted to get away before you dragged her down with all your negativity. Remember, there's a big difference between love and obsession. Obsession has nothing to do with love. One's very healthy and a joy and the other causes nothing but unhappiness and destructive behavior and often leads to tragedy.

Please get help.

[QUOTE=Jennita]Keep her happy, be the best boyfriend she could have so maybe she won't look anywhere else, no matter where she guarentee, but it's the best shot you have. You can't keep her hidden from the whole world, unfortunately!

As far as a gym, don't discourage anyone who wants to stay fit because it's real easy to get out of shape and heavy![/QUOTE]

This is by far the best advice you can possibly get. Great advice, Jennita.
I think he's just asking for advice on how to deal with these jealous thoughts going through his head. No need to attack him for having insecurities. Some of you may disagree with him, but it doesn't matter because he feels this way nonetheless.
If she's as beautiful as you say she is, then you obviously have some positive attributes working for you as well. I'll once again agree with Jennita... be the best boyfriend you can possibly be and learn to trust her. She chose to be with you for a reason. From the sounds of it, she could've picked anyone, but she chose YOU. Why is that? Ask yourself why she's attracted to you. What made her fall for YOU and exploit those positive attributes.
I will agree with the other posters that if you turn into a jealous, over-bearing boyfriend, she'll get tired of you fast and move on. All you can do is your best and if you do your best, whether this relationship succeeds or fails, you can look back and have no regrets.
You mentioned in your original post that this is your "first love". First loves don't work out often, so enjoy the moment, do your best, and have fun but try your very best not to smother her. Good luck.

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