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Kind of ironic how he works at a pharmacy and is a recovering drug addict.

Anyway, I can totally relate to you on this one. I was with a guy that treated me the same way. He did get me 1/2dozen roses for my birthday. But we did only date for about 3 months, then broke up and still hung out, slept together went back out for another month before I dumped him and we still hung out. He went back to his X before me. Mostly because his family hated me they only wanted to see him w/her so it made it hard for him to give it his all.

And knowing he went back to her made me want him even more. Because i thought he was so perfect. It still makes my stomach hurt to know they are "on and off" again. But I know I am way better with out him. I know I made things harder on myself for sleeping with him for months afterwards. It made me feel good knowing I was still getting him even though she was "dating him" I felt great about it but at the same time wanted more.

I am now engaged to the most wonderful guy. He brings me flowers for no occassion and is constantly a nice guy. Believe me things will be better over time, but as other will say, you sometimes never forget or totally let go of that "one" person. I've dated guys b4 and after this "one" and I still think of him from time to time (not everyday or every week but at least once or more a month) Also I think i may be obessed with that gurl he went back to. I know where she lives, her screen name what kind of car she drives where she works. (only because she puts all of this information in her profile)

I still have a passion of hate towards her. But I do talk to him online once every blue moon. The last time i talked to him he told me he still loved me and wanted to be with me again. This was 2 years after we dated! Now i think he called her and gave her the same story because she flew down to where he is stationed in louisanna for spring break (another thing in her profile) and it make me sick because he tells me he hates her?!

Anyway. like i said I could ramble about my bone head for ever...but i think a new job would be the best for you. Having my x move away was the best thing for me. and it opened a new door, and ive been with this guy since....Good luck I promise things will get better...

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