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Hello everyone, :wave: I posted here a couple of weeks ago..well maybe a week ago about my brother in law moving in with my fiance and I. :nono: Mind you i'm 8 months pregnant and we are also in the process of getting our own house pretty soon. Well his brother came up here with hopes of getting a job because it is a bigger city with numerous opportunities. I finally put my foot down to my fiance and it felt so great.

Well here's the story:his brother got here this past Sunday and ended up going out that same exact night and staying the night at his friends cuz he had been drinking (he just got picked up like a month ago for a DUI...aye..) and came back Monday morning and went and put applications in everywhere, including where I used to work. My company was very impressed with his abilities but because of his background they said they would have to talk to the corporate office about his offenses. Needless to say they haven't called him back conerning his one has. I was so angry because he first of all met some girl off the internet like 2 days later and invited her over to our apartment without my fiance and my knowledge. I had just finished making dinner, when we were lounging on the coach in our pj's and in walks this girl...he didn't have the curtisy to even ask if it was okay. Then the next day, he drank all our orange juice, all our kool aid...this guy has a bottomless pit. I almost yelled at him for being in the damn fridge almost all damn day long. He stayed on the internet for 4 hours in the morning chatting on yahoo...then got in the shower...put in applications for an hour...then walked in around 3 with a beer telling me over and over again about his divorce to which i cared nothing about. I've heard it so many times, it was like diarehea of the mouth. He was telling me about how his beer was a dollar something (one of those tall cans) and i'm looking at him and said "it's so good to know that after you drank all my OJ and kool aid that you can go buy beer instead of being curtious and replacing our drinks." I pretty much shut him up.

Then later that afternoon when my fiance got home, we found out that my brother in law didn't qualify to live with us. Basically his application didn't go through because of his credit, because he doesn't have a job and because you have to make "this much amount" of $$$ in order for them to consider you. Of course their not gonna let you live here if you don't make enough to pay the rent right? Well the lady in the front office said that my fiance and I more than qualify and if we wanted a 2 bedroom it would be $400 to switch from our 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom. And right there my fiance told his brother "dude, i don't have the $$$ for that. We have a son on the way and that's something I can't afford." I don't know what his brother was expecting for him to say because he "sucked his teeth" and was all "well I guess i'm just gonna pack my crap and go back home." I can't tell you how my heart jumped for joy..but i couldn't show my bliss! He finally took off yesterday because he ended up having a job interview back home and said he was gonna take the first job he found and if he ended up getting an offer here that he'd come back up...however, i already made it quite clear to my fiance that he can come and visit anytime he wants to, but he will not be living here with us. My fiance also agreed. I ended up coming clean with my mother in law and she utterly agreed with everything I told her as far as it not being the best time for my brother in law to move up here since we are expecting our child and in the process of getting a house. I can't tell you what a weight that was off my shoulders. We have such a close relationship but I dind't wanna hurt her in telling her I couldn't stand him being here. But I told her that it wasn't a good time and maybe sometime down the road when he gets his crap together. She completely agreed with me and said she wouldn't allow him to burden us any longer and risk my health by causing me stress during this delicate time. Low and behold my fiance got home last night and was talking to his mom on the phone and was very upset at his brother...telling his mom about how the whole time he was here he realized that his brother was still a child and had alot of growing up to. He also said that he tried to help him and wasn't gonna try anymore. So, things are finally back to normal and it feels so great!! Man...this is the last time I keep my mouth shut and try to "go with the flow"...thank you all who responded to my earlier thread and gave me words of support, it helped in ways i don't think you realize! Gosh i'm so happy!

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