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Well Im sure everyone has problems with a boyfriend or girlfriends family or even a mother in law or father in law, that puts you in a sticky situation... this is way beyond that... I am dating a wonderful guy, very caring, sweet etc. My life is very exciting with college graduation in the near future and I would like to think this is the guy for me... one exception

his family is the beverly hillbillys with money..... He comes from a very prominet family who has needless to say more money than they can count. Although money does not mean class. Class? They have none. They are the rudest, crudest most egocentric people I have ever met in my life.

My boyfriend and I have had a rough past, needless to say he has cheated, lied and everything else known to man to me. We have worked everything out and for the past year things have greatly improved and we seem very happy.

Although for my spring break I went to visit him at his grandmothers house for a few days... His aunt was so rude to me I had to leave. I couldnt take another day of it. She jumped on me for reheating bacon in the microwave told me that I was disrespecting her and she kept house the best. She told me what a horrible cook was... She told me I should of gone with my girlfriends to the beach instead of their house and she told me that my boyrfiends mother did not like me...

well this is same aunt who the day before dragged me to a doctors appointment and took me out to eat telling me over and over what a beautiful girl I am ... etc...

I just couldnt take another minute of it, I packed up my stuff last night and drove 4 hours home in the dark..I just dont know what to do anymore...These people are so rude...For 3 yrs of dating of yet to recieve a birthday card, or even a happy birthday.

No matter what their children do, they are never one is as good as their family or is good for their children...

What should I do?? Should I drop him? I cant imagine living like this for the rest of my life!!

Someone PLEASE HELP!!!!... When I picture the married life I picture having a realtionship with my mother in law in the same sense as I do with my own mom!!!! Although my boyfriend wont say anything to intervene because he doesnt want me to be mad at him or vice versa with his family!


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