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Please someone take the time to read this. And thank you!

I dated this girl for 3 years then out of no where she broke up with me. Saying that she lost her feelings for me and does not love me anymore. She even promised the night before she broke up with me, that she will never let go.

I did post a thread in the past on how to get over a brake up. But im having very big problems getting over it.

Its been close to 2 months. I recently saw her at a mall. And she ignored me flat. And with her friend laughing at me.

I just dont understand. She use to love me and care for me and now it seems she hates me. And it looks like she does not want anything to do with me. I feel she believes i was not good enough for her. But i did nothing wrong! I did my VERY best for her i did everything i could do for her.

And after doing my best, she has been so so cold ignoring me flat. I always thought that after a person was in love and spent 3 years with someone and after braking up with them they will still help them. Im i wrong?

I always also thought that if one did there best for the other, they would stay. Im i wrong there to?

Im feeling totally heartbroken, im feeling so terrible so alone im a mess.

I cant stop thinking about her and WHY she broke up with me. She did not give me a solid reason, she only said she lost her feelings for me. But she did not say why or how she lost her feelings.

I feel i will never know, i feel i will never get the closure i need.

I feel she found someone else she likes more to be with. Everyone i speak to that knows her say that she found someone else. And say that its possible that she was just staying with me for a while until she did find someone else.

The girl i dated was always so loving, caring, sweat and a shy sensitive person. And cause shes is, or was, i never thought she would do this to someone. It looks like she changed completely into a cold hearted person. Is it possible for a shy sensitive, loving caring, person to change into a cold hard hearted person?

Im going totally crazy! I love her to bits! But it feel she does not even want to know me!

I suffer from depression and social anxiety and i believe i could have G.A.D. Is it possible that cause of that its making it harder to get over?

Im 21 years old and she is 18. And i feel i will never find someone to be with again.

Please if someone has gone through a bad brake up i would love to hear your story and how you got over it.

And please if someone has tips on how to get over a brake up? That would be wonderful! Whats the best way and things for me to do to get over her?

Thank you so much for reading this and your help!
God Bless

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