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Hello, I have been dating my girlfriend for about 7 months now and all seemed to be going very well until this past weekend. She went to a convention in DC about a week ago for college, and she is coming back tomorrow. 4 nights ago I tried to call her room since I havent heard from her in a few days but I got no answer so I left a message. Several hrs later I called back again and got her roomate, she said my girlfriend was in room 704, her room is 736, so I called room 704 and a guy answered the phone and I asked to speak to my girlfriend I have not spoken to in 2 days, usually we talk every day. Well our conversation lasted about 30 seconds and she said she had to go visit with people and I could tell she had been drinking. She was very short and rude to me on the phone but I blew it off cuz she said she would call me back later. I sat around for about 7 hrs waiting for her to call and I got worried and called her room at 5 am. She answered the phone and I asked if she was ok she said yea why? I said cuz you were suppose to call back, she stated it got late so i decided not to call. I work nights and am up all night there is no reason she could not have called. Anyway, so the next night I called her back again and the same thing happened, her roomate answered the phone and didn't seem to want to tell me where she was she wanted to take a message so I demanded she tell me. She was in room 704 again, which I then found out is Mike and Matts room, but they are staying 3 to a room and her X boyfriend went along and he is best friends with these guys so I got a bit worried and called there again and a guy answered, when I asked to speak to my girlfriend he sound a bit ticked off cuz I called. I could tell there was a party going on and I asked her why she can't call me to talk and she just said I am to busy, I said yeah sounds like it, I told her I dont think its much to ask to walk down the hall to her room so I could talk to her for a few minutes but she wouldn't do it, she said she wants to visit with her friends. I got upset and told her that I am done calling if she wants to talk to me she can call me back. It has been 3 days now and I have received no call from her. We always tell each other we love each other and we always talk on the phone every night, She has never ignored me or been rude to me like this before and I dont know why she is acting like this now. I love my girlfriend very much and she says she loves me, I am just stumped why she acted like this to me, maybe it was cuz she was in front of everyone I dont know. She kinda seemed to think it was funny blowing me off or maybe it was the booze, but she never acted like this before in the last 7 months. :rolleyes:
I wonder if she went there telling her x and stuff that you two had split? Maybe once she was there she let loose and ended up hooking up with him again and doesnt know how else to deal with things.

Like not call, not be honest, treat you bad. Maybe it's her way of getting past she did something wrong?
Hello, I am back with the update, I found a site that my gf has on I had to join the site to get into it but when i did I found some things I wish I wouldn't have found. I feel bad for being nosy but anyway, She has a rather large friends list which involves mostly all guys. I checked her X bf's profile and Ifound some comments she left for him about 2 months ago, I have been dating her for 7 months now. Anyway she wrote things to him such as "hey honey, I can't believe it's been another year, man time goes fast but there sure has been alot of good things this past year and those good things involved you, give me a call when you get off work". To me it sounds like she is cheating on me by writing things like that to her X. I confronted her on this and at first she stuttered and said she had feelings for him, then she changed it and said she was just messing around and didn't mean anything by it but if I want to break up over it she said she understands. I didn't break up yet cuz I want to find out what is actually going on behind my back. The past week since she got back from DC she has been so different. For example tonight I left her place at 1:30 am cuz she said she was so tired and needed to get some sleep. I logge on to messenger 3 times between 2:00am and 4:00 am and she was online chatting, but when I logged on and tried chatting with her she would set her messenger to away and wouldn't respond to me. I also found other messages to guys telling them to give her a call some night so they can go party it up. Honestly to me it sounds like she leads 2 different lives, the one with me and the other life I don't know about. She also told me the other day she has no need for sex, she can go without it, our sex life was good when it first started but now it has gotten to once every 2 or 3 weeks. I don't know what she is completely hiding but I am going to try and find out. If things don't change in the next week I am going to end it, she needs to be honest with me and not play these childish games, thanks for the replies everyone.

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