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You wouldn't believe what happened today

i'ts strange because just before I said that it was strange he hasn't been on *** for a while... anyway, just after I suddenly received an invitation to join chat but the email address was under my friend's name. this friend of mine is a guy with whom I have been hanging out a lot but it's clear that there would be nothing between us happening. anyway, I accepted his invitation and he started to chat to me..he asked me about my work and my weekend and I asked about his.. I said that I went out with my friends last night and it was fun. then I asked him how is his revision for exams going and suddenly he said that he should reveal something. he said I am not xxx, I am xxx! I felt heat coming to my face and my heart beating so fast! It was HIM, my ex-boyfriend!

He started to be quite nasty to me telling me "so you blocked me on ***, I am VERY disappointed with you." I said I did it because last time we talked he said he didn't feel very comfortable and he said to me to shut up! I was so shocked... anyway, he then said that he can't believe I blocked him and he said "so my trick worked... you would rather talk to xxx you fool" and then he said "so you are having fun". I said to him that he sounds angry and he replied "I have ****ing reasons to be upset. You want to stay in contact with me and then you block me!!" I said to him "I am disappointed because you chose not to come to see me at the end when you spent the weekend in London" and he said "don't talk to me! how do you know I was in London in the end" and I said to him because I could see he was offline! I said to him "you were the one who broke up and chose this so I blocked you because I wanted to protect myself and also I knew if I was on ***.. I would always want to talk to you" and he said to me "don't worry you don't have to protect yourself again because I will block you too like you did it to me!"

he also said to me to **** off.. I was getting really upset with this.. anyway, he then said "you block me on *** so you can then spy on me!" I said that I am not spying on him but I had to it as I said because last time he told me he didn't feel comfortable" and then he said "so you have to block me" (sarcastically). He said "I don't want to be using this false address so bye". I felt so guilty that I unblocked him and I asked him why has he done this and he said "oh you are back.. amazing! he said I haven't talked to you for so long! how are you?" I thought he was genuinly asking me how I was.. I said that I have been working a lot and he said "bad luck" He said that his work is ok! He then said "I should have played my game longer and I shouldn't have revealed so soon that it wasn't me! maybe I could have found out more about what have you been up to" I said to him that there is not a lot to find out and he said "iam sure there is..." Then he said "I am so offended you did this to me" he said "i want to forget you and I want to block you too" and I said ok and then I couldn't stand this anymore and said to him "if you want to block me ok do it because i don't care anymore! you are not understanding of my feelings at all and you only care about yourself! you are a nasty piece of work! i don't deserve to be treated like this! I don't want to have anything to do with you!! bye".

I felt so upset and so angry this time. I feel bad about what I have said to him because he emailed me immediately afterwards and said to me

did u really mean all u said at the end on ***?? that u dont care anymore at
all about me and i am a nasty piece of work and so on???
i would like u to answer to be completly clear with each other.

I haven't replied because I have too many things to say to him that I am upset about and I feel extremely betrayed by what he had done.. he signed on with a false address and blamed me the whole time.. I feel so upset but I don't think I want to reply to him!

What does he want??? We are broken up since March and we haven't talked for 3 weeks and I thought he had forgotten about me and now I feel like he is still not letting it go, like he is jelous and upset that I don't talk to him.. what do you think? Have I done the right thing? Maybe I shouldn't have said to him that he is a nasty piece of work! maybe that was too much but he has offended me so much today! :( It's so sad!

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