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I cannot understand the sudden change in his behaviour! He is so convinced now! he sounds so sure! he sounds like he knows that he doesn't want me now anymore! he was so different when he came here 2 weeks ago :( :(

LY, I'm so sorry you're hurting so badly, I really do feel for you. I do agree with Snails, though. His words haven't changed from when he first broke up with you. The thing that confused you was the weekend you spent together. He was different in his behavior then because he wanted to get laid, but his words were the same. You just weren't listening to them then. this guy may be honest now, but it wasn't honest of him to sleep with you when he knew that you still loved him. Personally, I still really don't like this jerk at all. He has handled this situation very poorly in my opinion. The to turn it around on you and make you feel bad for wanting to cut off contact with him and calling you selfish and only thinking of yourself has me seeing [COLOR=Red]RED[/COLOR] I think it's pretty crappy of him to not see how he's hurting you and how you obviously still feel too strongly for him to be just friends now. He should be doing everything possible to make this easier for you, and instead he's only thinking of himself. But at least you know the truth now. As much as it hurts, there's no denying it's over, at least for the next few YEARS! :eek: :rolleyes: You must do what you can to move on NOW.

There's only one thing I disagree with Snails on. Time does not always heal everything. It's been seven, (7), count them, SEVEN years for me since my ex dumped me, and it still cuts like a knife every day. Trust me, LY, you DO NOT want to be feeling what you're feeling now for the next seven years and beyond. You must break off all contact with this guy for good. Not one more email, not one more note, not one more IM, nothing. Cut him out of your mind, your memory and your life. The longer you hold on and keep hoping he'll come back one day, the longer you'll get used to waiting for him and the longer it will take for you to move on, and then one day, you won't be able to. I beg you, please, take it from someone who's living this hell, please don't let it happen to you, too. Please, get your butt in a bubble bath, take up a new hobby, have a girl's night out with your girlfriends, rally friends and family around and surround yourself with as much support and company as you can, move, get a new job, whatever you have to do to get this guy out of your system for good and as soon as possible. I really dont' want to see you still feeling this way in another 7 years, and trust me, you don't want that, either.

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