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No Lovingyou, you didn't stuff up. He's simply angry because you are not going along with his manipulative games. The reason he is angry for the questions is because he wanted to be intimate with you when he saw you, but without any strings, without you getting attached, and without him having to invest anything to you. It's quite simple. But he's now realised that he may not be able to use you for sex without you becoming involved with him again. He doesn't want that... CLEARLY. He just wants sex, and then be able to walk away and not give you another thought until perhaps he wants something from you again.

LovingYou, I can't tell you how sick this guy makes me.. his manipulative games and the fact that he is blatantly playing you for a fool. What makes me sadder though is that you play the game right into his hands. Stop worrying about what HE feels or what HE thinks is right; think about yourself and how YOU feel, how this non existant relationship makes YOU feel, and what YOU should do in the best interests for you moving on. I'm sorry, but he has no intention of being with you, being committed to you, and probably never will.

You say he needs to get to know you again. HA! Even if you did rush into things in the beginning of a relationship, by spending time together, or talking etc, that's how you can learn about each other. If he has to break up with you to know if he wants to be with you then he obviously didn't think very much of the relationship, or value it in anyway. It's just too hard to erase the love that was there and go back to the start. You don't need to break up to do it. If he is so easily able to "lower" his love for you, chances are that it probably was not really there to begin with, or that he fell out of love with you already. What other reason is there that he can "lower" his love so easily when you are struggling so hard? He's simply keeping you around as a convenience... or so that you don't find someone before he does. And if he finds someone else, do you really believe he will contact you again? No, he won't.

LovingYou, in your own best interests there is only one solution for you. Grab hold of your remaining dignity and self esteem, tell him to find someone else to use, and walk away with your head high. Otherwise you will be caught in this vicious cycle over and over again until he finally stops it all when he finds someone else to manipulate. It's nothing to do with you, it's just the person that he is. There may be no explanation, but the world is full of people that don't always have the best intentions and will step on people's feelings to get what they want without having to invest anything. Accept that he is one of these people. Accept that someone who loves or has loved you, or even wants to see if he can love you again, DOES NOT act like this. He would not treat you like this. He just wants to use you until he has no further need for you. It's heartbreaking I know, but the sooner you realise the sooner you can start to pull away and start to heal your heart.

Please, look out for your own best interests... this guy clearly is not going to.

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