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Honestly, I do think you're over reacting a little. So he had a bad day. It happens. He wasn't in a great mood and he decided to get off the phone before he started taking it out on you. So he didn't say sweet stuff... let me tell you that it does wear off and he may not always do it. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you, it just means he's having a bad day or he is in a bad mood and he doesn't feel like being lovey dovey. The thing is, the more you over react and push him to reinforce his love for you, the more you are pushing him away. A LDR requires a lot of work to begin with. People handle stress and life differently, and this may be his way. You have to accept that and stop getting upset over every little thing. You both have to have a life too. He can't just sit on the computer with you all the time. He needs to have friends and outside interests too, especially since you are so far away. Expecting him to spend all his time with you, and getting upset when he wants time to himself with his friends is the quickest way to end the relationship.

You just seem to be struggling with the notion of a LDR. Maybe you should think about whether the long distance thing really suits your needs. You can't keep making him reassure you or trying to force him to give you what you are lacking... he will get sick of it. The novelty wears off of all relationships, but that just means you must adapt and find other ways of showing love and trusting that you are loved. If you can't accept the difficulties of a LDR, don't blame him... either make arrangements to do something about it, or if you can't, then perhaps stay friends until you can.

Good luck.

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