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Hi, there... im quite new to this forum, been reading some of the posts and they are helpful. but anyways... my problem...

I met my boyfriend online in a game about 2 years ago... we've been friends on msn since then, we didnt really talk eachother or show interest in eachother until we had both broken up with our former loves last summer. After talking we fell in love, you all know how that goes. We dated for about 4 months, then we spent a month together over christmas (he flew here from WI for 2 weeks then I came back with him for another 2). Since then i've been missing him greatly, (basically while we were together we decided we wanted to spend our lives together and the whole bit, had sex etc). With my last bf, i was lied to alot and I have a problem with trusting others. Anyway, I have an issue where when im stressed or say... missing him badly, I get paranoid... and I become very frightened of losing him.

I just got off of birthcontrol and been having bad pms, so anyway, my story, he had a really bad day with some friends, friends got insulted and he said something about some of his favorite games becoming ruined for him so he was depressed. and lets say we didnt end the day on a good note... I didnt know how to make him happy (because games are trivial to me) and he was just like "well I guess ill go to bed... yeah... im just going to go". Now this made me paranoid because, usually no matter what happens hes always nice to me when saying goodnight (Ie "I love you baby, sleep well" etc)

So this made me freak out, and I began to think "does he love me? why does he seem so far away now? did I do something wrong? he can't have been so affected by a bad night..." this was 3 days ago. and every day since i've broken down in tears. Everything he says to me makes me think of that same spiel over and over. I think hes trying to make me feel better but im scaring him. he keeps calling me "Naughty" and I broke down and said "Is that all I am to you now?" and his response was that i was worrying too much and I was being silly.

Is he just in a funk? and needs space? today he said he would spend time with me, and play a game with me, but he phoned his buddies and invited them over. is this an act to get away from me? He used to tell me that he just wanted to spend time with me, but now hes diliberatley taking time with friends... am I being greedy to want him all the time?

Please help me understand whats happening. :confused:

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