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lietchi, so are you saying that maybe i dont have BDD? I think that its something wrong with me if i constantly look in the mirror and i still think that am ugly. Its like i can get a new hair style and i feel like i still look soooo ugly. I dont look in the mirror because i think am so gorgeous its like the opposite. its so confusing. But, you seem like such a very nice helpful person. I kinda know how you may feel about the whole acne situation. My boyfriend has acne and its making his self-esteem so low. I tell him everyday that its not that bad. It really isnt as bad as he thinks it is to me. I see his face everyday and it doesnt look that bad to me. In fact i dont even think about it because i love him for him. Do you have supportive friends? they can help too. I mean positive people in your life? when did you start having acne? do people bother you about it? Please tell me if am asking to many questions. i would just like to help you. I just appreciate that fact that you are giving me advice.
thanx for the advice lietchi :) I feel better. Was there anytime in your life when you had wanted to be popular? Did you ever feel like the friends you have are just not cool enough? I know that's not a nice thing to say about your friends. But, you look around and see all these other groups and its like you get this feeling like you are sooo unpopular and lame. I try to tell myself that all i can do is be myself and if people dont like me for me than screw them. But that feeling always rears its ugly head. Its crazy :rolleyes:

Is it normal not to know what love feels like? Or better yet, not be able to love someone. My boyfriend always says that he loves me and i say i love you back to him, But, i dont deeply mean it. I just say it Because i dont want to hurt his feeling by saying something else besides "I love you". Its like he loves me more than i love him. I just dont think i know what love feels like. That's not even half of it. My boyfriend likes to clown around with his buddies in public, well you can say around campus. He had told me that sometimes people give him this look like "what the hell are you doing you look stupid" look and he had said that that adds on to other things that bothers him. I had told him that he just needs to screw these airhead copycat a******S. I also told him that he should not change for anybody and i told him that its normal to want to have fun and act crazy. BUt, there's a twist, When he acts out like that i feel embrassed too. Its a couple of things that makes me embrassed about my boyfriend. 1) he needs a hair cut! my god, its so crazy :rolleyes: He will remember about a basketball game but, he will forget to get a haircut. I just dont get that. 2.) I already kind of gotten over the fact that he doesnt dress that good. If you cant afford to get it then its not your fault. If he just got his haircut more often then he would be straight. And if he would stop wearing just a shirt, shorts, socks and slippers everyday! then things would be straight. He just needs to take care of his appearance a little bit more. Like me, i know that i cant afford to dress classy and stuff but i work with what ever i got. I make sur i get my hair done very often and i make sure i wipe my boots off everyday so they can look decent.

Another question i had to ask you is your boyfriend ugly? I mean face wise? I feel so lame. Look at me, iam acting just like those airheads who put me down. I guess it has alot to do with my family. Yep believe it or not, i have those same popular airhead people in my family except for my mother. Well, this was the thing with my brothers and sisters, They always had to look nice, had to be popular, There gurl/boyfriend had to look good. Its like a sin to go out with some one who is ugly physically. You would get clowned. If not to your face, behind you back. And all this just rubbed of on me during the years. Its what also contributed to my low self-esteem.

I just wish that i can accept my boyfriend for who he is. I wish i could love him the way he loves me. He is everything a gurl would want in a boyfriend and then some. I wish i could be put under a spell where i could just fall madly in love with my boyfriend. He is so nice and respectful. He may Not all that look good Physically but, on the inside he is so handsome. I think the reason why i cant accept him is because i dont accept myself. I think that's the reason why. I just wish i didnt care what people thought about me................ Can you give me some helpful advice on all this? Is it too much?

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