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Stretch marks can soooo easily be prevented... And can heal invisibly with the right treatment... Which is so absolutely frustrating because now it is too late and they're there to stay, grrr... I got them during puberty, I gained some weight (I went from skinny to feminine and got breasts of course), but also grew quickly, so I have stretch marks in both directions. The bigger ones are on hip-waist area and just below my buttocks, and the rest of them over my butt, thighs, breasts, upper part of calves. And very minor also on upper arm (just one very thin one on each arm) I'm 140 pounds, and 5ft5, not overweight, but just with some "padding" so to speak...
The thing I'm most worried about is that stretch marks mean torn collagen, so I fear that my skin is less firm because of it, especially in the breast area...
Positive note: stretch marks fade with time... Hopefully not too much time, otherwise by the time the stretch marks are gone, my skin will be sagging... :)

If I had to wear a bathing suit I'd choose the Olympic kind, you know, the one that go down to your ankles and wrists to lessen the resistance in the water :)

Well, at least we have boyfriends who love us despite our insecurities... In my previous relationship I was also told I was pretty, but somehow I still felt ugly in the relationship. Now I feel attractive. But unless the beach is totally abandoned, I am not wearing a bikini :)

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