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Well, look at it this way... Maybe the previous girlfriend was physically prettier. But he loves you more. This makes you overall more attractive to him.

Because my boyfriend wants me to wear bikinis and such and says I'm attractive, I show him beautiful women and say: "You can't honestly tell me I'm as pretty as them?!" His reaction: "Their beauty is purely physical, but you also have internal beauty" Well, of course he's implying that the physical beauty is less, but still... I know what he means: some people look attractive but when you get to know them and they have a horrible character, they suddenly seem ugly... Or maybe a person who's not stereotypically goodlooking, but who has such an "attractive" character that she's very attractive to people. Also, don't forget that self-confidence makes people more attractive!

As for the tummy... Well, I'd suggest just plain old cardio, because "spot reduction" doesn't exist. And if you want fuller thighs, hips, weight training is the way to go! Do leg exercises, intensely, and you will build muscle there and be "fuller". Also, if you do weight training, you will build muscle which makes your metabolism speed up, which means you burn more calories. Also, don't forget to watch what you eat. If you decide to do something, just go to the Exercise and Fitness board for pointers.

By the way, a dermatologist once told me that creams don't work. I've heard positive things about some creams, but in the end, if they even work, they only make them fade a bit I think, and not totally disappear. Again, I've heard positive things, but I'm very sceptical... I've heard about dermabrasion and laser treatments, but laser is sooo expensive. Also, I've heard about mixed results... Maybe later, when I have a job and enough money, I can do something about it...

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