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Thank you once again, Rose and Sophia! :wave:

Oh, believe me, I know that "dying alone" quote from SATC! Iíd never really thought about it that way until I saw the episode - and, instead of making me laugh, it scared me to death! :eek:

I get what you are saying, Rose, and you put it beautifully Ė and Iím trying to look at it that way too. But, when hope is all you have and it keeps getting ripped away from you, it gets so much harder to believe that something great awaits in your future. You canít even SEE a future anymore.

If there WERE any cute single guys out there, I would have found one by now. Either they donít exist or they hate me; only the engaged and married ones like me. I must have a sign on my forehead that says "please lead me on".

Yes, Sophia, [I]of course [/I] Iím glad we didnít have an affair; but I wouldnít have gone for that. Though I can see how it might be tempting to be "the other woman". Seriously, what do I get out of being good? Nothing but loneliness, bitterness and pain. But donít worry, Iím not about to join the Dark Side! :nono:

All Iím saying is that Iím sure his wife wouldnít want to trade places with me. She got to marry him and have his babies. And she gets to kiss him and hold him and make love to him anytime she wants - while I hug my pillow and cry myself to sleep.

Anyway. I just sent Married Guy my e-mail reply; business as usual, except for the polite "drop it". I have no idea how he will react Ė and Iím seeing him tonight, so Iím kind of nervous. I wish I could skip the remaining 2 classes, but I canít afford to. My grades are more important than him.

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