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Sure wish I had time to write out a whole batch of clever ideas, CC -- but I must hurry and go renew my vehicle registration before close of business today! Just wanted to say THANKS for being so kind and welcoming and I'm glad you enjoy some of what I have to say.

If you could speak to HIM like you speak to me... you'd be on your tenth date by now, huh?!

His height -- sure, it may be a factor for him. Of course you already know NOT to mention it if you two start seeing each other. You can only tell him you like him exactly as he is IF he brings it up first. That much is obvious. But yeah, sure... he may feel not as confident because of that. Or he may not. Some smaller guys are brimming with confidence. Hard to say for sure, but certainly it is something to consider.

The other girl who adopted him -- she is not your concern. If you talk to him, he'll let you know ultimately if he's interested, of course. And meanwhile, SHE is getting the attention YOU want. Ignore her -- she's of no interest to you. YOU can set up something with the guy independent of her. May the best woman win!

But don't let that scare you -- it is probably not any sort of competition right now anyway. Most likely she's got a similar crush on him and is just hanging around because she figured out how to get him talking.

You can ABSOLUTELY just go right up to him and tell him you'd love to talk to him for a while, grab some coffee or get a doughnut or whatever. Very few guys would ever balk at a lovely gal saying hello and asking for some of their time!

As an alternative to keep in your back pocket, if you really must... Ask him for some sort of help. Make something up. I am NOT suggesting that anyone start a relationship based on lies, but there are TONS of relationship that began with one person pretending they needed something from another person just to get his or her attention.

"Hey, can I borrow a pen, mine just dried up?"

After hearing of an issue in class or on the news: "Hey, that was very interesting, don't you think? What's your opinion?"

"Did you get the pages we are supposed to read for the next class? I'm afraid I missed it."

"Wanna come back to my place and look at my etchings?"

OK, maybe the last one is a bit too forward for a first conversation, but you get the idea.

Ignore the other girl. Break right in if you want -- or just grab him quickly the minute she is not around.

He'll love it -- one girl is unavailable for a moment and then suddenly YOU step in. All that attention... he'll flip. AND... he'll probably credit YOU with having the most courage and GUTS to just walk up to him and talk. THAT will probably impress him a LOT.


You've waited long enough, huh?

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