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Mandy, I remember your story, trying to help, but thinking, wow, she's not going to let go of this guy. I am so sorry to hear that you've again brought him back into your life, gotten your hopes up that your "connection" with him will bring you two together, and been disappointed by him. When you start a "relationship" (and it doesn't sound like this guy EVER treated you the way he'd treat a girlfriend if he had a clue how to be a good boyfriend) by cheating and betraying someone, the chances are near 100% that you will get cheated on eventually. Back then everyone told you it was over, that he wasn't interested in anything more than a physical relationship with you, if that, and that the best thing to do for yourself was get away from him for good. But you kept finding reasons why you had to contact him and therefore get your hopes up that things would start up again and this time work out between you. I was pretty sure you weren't going to give this guy up (am I remembering right that he was your first love and sexual partner, but you're in your late 20s?). Even though I really hoped I was wrong, because he didn't treat you even a fraction of how well you deserve to be treated, I had a feeling he'd be back in your life. But Mandy, it's clear to everyone that nothing has changed and that this guy only brings you misery. He acts like this because he knows you'll let him get away with it, and he'll just keep hurting you and being a jerk as long as you allow it. I hate to see you letting that happen...please cut him off, I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but nothing has changed since you wrote last time, including how hurtful his behavior was and is. I hope for your sake that you are able to get him fired and cut him completely out of your life. Please be strong and do what's best for yourself--people here want to be supportive, obviously, and nobody likes to see anyone get hurt over and over again by the same person. You deserve better :angel:.

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