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Hey snoop...

This whole situation seems pretty odd to me! But I have a few questions and comments about it...
-Shirt up, pants down, bottom me this sounds very odd, especially while your were dating this girl and obvioulsy your buddy was a part of it! To me it sounded like she was getting freaky or dancing or something along those lines....I dont know many girls who would pull their shirt up and then pull their pants down before they got undressed (which was my conclusion of the only way your buddy would of saw anything, her getting undressed, but to me it didnt seem like that was the case)...This doesnt sound like any mistake that he saw it, it sounds like your ex was showing it off!
-How come you did not confront him about saying, "when you guys break up, I have something to tell you"???? Right then and there I would have told him to tell me now...b/c 1) how did he know you guys were ever going to break up and 2) he was suppose to be one of your good buddies???? After he would of said that, there would of been no way that he would of gotten away without telling me! I dont know why it had to be kept a secret!
-I think he has something for your ex and maybe there is something more to it all...Once again, why did he have to wait till you guys were broken up??? If he was such a good buddy of yours, why stare at your g/f in that manner...its called morals and respect! If I had just broken up with my ex girl and a friend came to me and told me that he "objectifies" her, especially while laughing and grinning about it, I would of cocked back and let one rip right into his jaw! Him telling you that was totally degrading to both you and your ex and most of all a mockery b/c he thought it was funny! But I would look further into this, if your really that concerned...maybe something happened between your buddy and your ex, maybe thats why he wanted to wait till you guys were over....maybe she likes him and he didnt want to say anything about her until you guys were broken up, who knows! Your still super young, in high school...which means a lot of immaturity lingering around. My advice to you is if you really care about you ex, then tell her....but I guarantee it wont do much, in fact it might make you look like your trying to break up their friendship! Just count your losses and move i said before, your still young, you havent even began to face the sea of women yet ;) !

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