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Re: Online Dating
May 7, 2005
[QUOTE=goody2shuz]I don't think it's a matter of making poor choices, Sophia. I mean think about it.....if those 2 were good friends, usually we hang out with people who share similar interests and values so it really doesn't surprise me that this guy didn't turn out to be a winner. Please don't allow this to discourage you to the point that it causes you to give up on dating all together....what I admire about you the most is that you don't allow it to and you know that there is something better out there.

Yeah.....Goody got too creeped out.....I actually got a few matches the site sent to my email and I must say that quite a few of them looked like mugshots :eek: I mean I was asking for guys who were up to 5 years older than me and I was getting them the same age but it was scarey because they looked at least 20 years older. I mean I certainly wouldn't go by a picture alone. Anyway.....I removed my profile, it just didn't feel right but I did it because I wanted the opportunity to read the other profiles. I still think it's a good thing and a way to meet....but just like when you walk into a bar/club....there are some you will like & some you won't.

Hang in there,'s all just a matter of time.

(((((HUGS)))))) & winks ;) ....Goody :wave:[/QUOTE]

Goody, I am happy you still have faith in me, but I am now inclined to think it IS precisely a matter of poor choices. Warped choices even. Which I am not doing on a consciuos level. However, while it is easy for me to stop contact with guys like the hot european and his equally strange friend, the problematic thing is getting rid of my ex for good. He can't commit to me, but he won't leave me alone either. And I keep giving him chances, despite a better judgement. I was this way with my very first boyfriend too. He was so severely commitmentphobic that he's still single at the age of 44, and still leaves me sappy messages on my phone (which I don't return). My problem is that I am unable to sever the ties with some of my ex's (well, now only the last ex). I really do pick emotionally unavailable men who are also extremely charming, intelligent, and funny. I wish I could do something about it but I don't know how. These guys are very different in terms of looks, career, interests, etc, but they have this one element in common that they cannot get too close to anyone. and each time I miss the red flags.

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