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Re: Online Dating
Apr 10, 2005
[QUOTE=lisa24]I think guys can get just as unsure about it all as girls.

Just to me, I think, if you want to call the guy, call him. Personally, I feel that my 'trying to play by the rules' and having to calculate the 'right move to make' is what left me in this situation in the first place.
But I don't know. :confused: [/QUOTE]

You know, Lisa, before I responded to this I was more in the thinking of why should it be that way...I was just answering from my personal experience. Having 2 daughters, I would hope that they could be bold enough to follwo through with pursuing a guy if they really liked them. However, I don't know if that is likely because my 16 year old just broke up with a guy who never (in her words) even asked her out. ;) Seems that he came over & the next day everyone congratulated her on going out with "Mike"....the thing is he never officially asked her out and when she came home she was quite upset by the fact that he had told all his friends that he had but really hadn't. I have to give her credit...she did bring it up with him on the next phone conversation and he seemed to think that since they had a "date" that they were going out. I tried to explain that it's alot of pressure on guys and perhaps he was new to the dating experience and to give him a break....well the next day she informed me that she broke up with him, this guy, who in her eyes never even asked her out :D Go Figure :confused:

Anyway....I must say that I always was one that truly empathized with guys having to be the ones to get up the nerve to make the first move. In fact, so much so that when I made my first trip to West Point for a dance a Plebe (freshman) tapped me on the shoulder asking me if I wanted to dance. I looked at him, he was about 5 feet tall while I stood at 5'9", and I smiled and accepted admiring the courage it must have taken for him to even ask me :D

So, I can see how Stacy not calling this guy wouldn't necessarily ruin her chances of seeing him again....perhaps if she were to offer a follow up call saying what a nice evening she had would allow for her to show her interest & thus still allow him the opportunity to still feel as if he were the one pursuing her. How about that????......Goody

PS ~ I just discussed this with Tom and he says that he thinks most guys wouldn't be turned off by a girl being pursuant or taking the lead.....hmmmmm

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