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I knew it was going to happen eventually...

I've got 2 dates, the same night. Elizabeth and Amanda.

Elizabeth is the girl most of you know about. I'm not really even attracted to her... but I do like the fact that when I'm with her, I try new things, I get out of my comfert zone.. It's a totally new experence in my life. She's a very moody person.. and she's been out of town latly. It's been at least 2 or 3 weeks since we last seen each other.. and I know she's wanting to see me Thursday night. Part of me wants to stay with her, part of me wants to break things off with her. We aren't offically boyfriend - girlfriend. She isn't ready for a relationship, so right now, we're "dating". We are two totally different people.. inside and out. She's also really wanting me to go on a road trip next month with her and about 6 of her friends. I really don't want to go :-\

Okay, Tommorrow, I was supposed to meet Amanda, but my work changed my hours so we had to move it to Thursday. I'm very interested in her, and from her pictures, She's cute, not perfect, but cute.. I can accept her looks judging from the pictures. She's got such a cute smile! wow. She has such a beautful heart.. Before I go to work, she will send me a test messege on my phone saying "good afternoon! hope you have a great day!" and "i hope you had a good day, sleep tight!" We hardly talk on the phone though, but we do talk via text every day. She's such a great person it seems. She's also very church going, which I really like a lot. She's a simple person, with a simple life.. much like me. Now, she did say does want a relationship, but she said it will take her a while to get past the wall she built up over the past few years of not dating... So my chances with acctually dating this girl.. Are still out in question, however, She did say she is really excited about meeting! It's looking good I think.

I'm really leaning to amanda, but this will be my first time even meeting her.. so I don't even know her in person yet. My problem now is how to cancel out with elizabeth.. I've been wanting to break things off, but don't know how. I've got to move on and I don't think things will workout with me and elizabeth in the long run.. we are just too different and the attraction, at least for me, just isn't there.

Thanks :-)

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