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Okay, I'm going to give you a different take on this and that's because I have been behaving lately, exactly like your boyfriend. Without having to share my story with anyone (have thought about doing this one day, when I am certain of myself perhaps), maybe I can give you some insight as to his side.

First of all I have to say that I have OCD and whereas I do not know if my behavior stems entirely from that, I do know it plays a huge part. This is what will not let me stop. Secondly, I was married before and was SEVERELY betrayed by my ex.

I love my current fiance with all my heart.
It's not so much that I am accusing him of cheating, I am AFRAID that he is cheating. It is FEAR which pushes me along, not anger.
I DO believe I trust him -- he goes out often alone and I have NEVER checked up on him (but I do snoop after sometimes).
I am NOT overposessive.
I would never become a stalker, that is ridiculous.
I am CERTAINLY not cheating.
I can be jealous and insecure, when I think that I am not good enough for him.
I do not believe that he is a liar and a cheater, [U]I feel the need for him to prove otherwise.[/U]
If I truly believed he was cheating, like Brooke mentioned, I would leave.

There is the possibility that your bf may suffer from OCD (especially if he does not believe the polygraph test) so this is perhaps something else you can think about. Something had to have triggered this -- something he heard, saw or found, to have started this behavior. Something you may think of as insignificant or innocent, but it got the ball rolling for him.

Or else he may just not feel loved enough. There is the possibility that you may both be on different emotional levels. You need to sit down with him and tell him with all sincerety in your eyes how you feel about everything and reassure him that you are not cheating. He has to BELIEVE that you are being sincere.

If it's OCD then you have your work cut out for you. Like when I read your post, it gave me hope that my fiance is not cheating as I could picture him having written exactly what you wrote. Then after a moment I started thinking that perhaps you ARE cheating but hoodwinking us all, just as he may be doing to me. If your bf is wonderful in every other way other than accusing you of cheating, please don't throw away your relationship without giving him a chance. He CAN change this, but he will need help.

Conversely, if he is rude or disrespectful to you in any other way, then drop him like a hot potato. :)

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