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I know its a hard question but I was just wondering what do girls mostly look for in a guy?

Because i dated this girl for around 3 years , then she broke up with me around 2 months ago.

But recently i met this other girl. I decided to go for it. And asked her for coffee tomorrow. Its not for sure, but my friends said she will like to get to know me more. Meeting her made me think about myself.

Im a quiet and abit of a shy guy. That studies IT and is a deep thinker.

Do girls mostly look for wild talkative guys? Or are girls ok with quiet, deep thinker type of guys? Are girls ok with guys who are into IT.

Im 21 years of age, the girl i met is also around 21. And do you think its true that once people reach adult hood. Things like that should not matter to much anymore? Or im i wrong?

And im not sure if i should try to hard for something with this other girl i met. Because she is a very talkative out going type of girl. And im a quiet, deep thinker type of guy. Im scared that we wont "click" cause we are, you could say, have opposite personalities. Do opposites attract? Or must both people have similar personalities?

Any input will be great, thank you.
Thank you stillhope1 and ruth6:11 for your replys.

So it looks like girls look for confidence, kindness, and a sense of humor.

Do girls mostly go for "bad boys" or do girls go for "nice guys". Heres the thing im one of the "nice guys". Is it really true that nice guys finish last?

There is a girl that i met recently and im trying to organize to go on a date with her. She said maybe we can latter this week or the weekend.

Im abit worried cause she is really a out going, talkative, type of girl. And im a quiet and abit of a shy guy. I dated a out going girl before and it did not work out. I dont know if i should try to hard.

Is it possible for a out going girl and a quiet guy to "click"?
I think it's good to be with someone who is different from you so you guys can balance each other out. While I usually date guys who I have a lot in common with, I tend to pick quiet guys because when we go out, I am very sociable and talkative. It works well for them because I take the pressure off of them in terms of having to keep conversation going, and it works well for me because they balance me out and keep me calm. So don't despair if you're different than this doesn't mean it won't work. As far as generalizing about what girls like and bad boys and all that, you just can't draw accurate conclusions about such generalized groups of people. Don't waste your time trying to figure out women as a whole--instead focus on getting to know one specific girl that you really like. Just be yourself and demonstrate that although you are shy, you are also confident and believe in yourself--that's the surest way to end up with someone who is compatible with you.

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