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[QUOTE=Ninispjc]You tell your "ex" I said he can take his situation and pound it where the sun don't shine!!! My ex said something similar. I was bawling my eyes out, barely able to speak and I said what was killing me wasn't losing a lover, but losing my best friend, and he said feebly "you still have that" and I started bawling even harder and he muttered "oh God..." Seeing as he lied and used me and emotionally abused me in an effort to drive me away because he didn't have the cajones to leave me and be the bad guy yet again, being friends was out, since I don't really consider people who treat me like that friends.[/QUOTE]
Aww, thanks for that Nini! I needed to hear that, I'd love to tell him, but I'm sure I couldn't handle speaking to him ever again. Fortunately, he hasn't contacted me in around 6 months. Guess after the thousandth time I hung up on him, he finally got the hint. Though his friend did call me 2 or 3 months ago. If my intuition knows anything, I would figure he was sitting right beside him listening to the whole convo.

One time before I really left for good, I had told him it needed to end and he called me with that whole 'I really want to at least be friends then, I miss talking to you' bit.
Funny, I told him exactly like you said... "why on god's green earth would I be friends with anyone who treats me like that??? That's not what I consider a friend".
He said he never did anything that bad to me. :confused: :confused:
Yep, suckered me in again after that. I hate that I have to blame myself, but maybe I really do.

I did have another guy I went out with for a while who claimed for years he wanted me back. We stayed friends for a good while at his insistence. I didn't want to, but he called and called until he just wore me down.
But as far as me ever taking him back, No Way!
It was so interesting, because as friends he didn't treat me any better than when we were dating.
EXCEPT for the brief periods he thought he could get me back. He would be nice and giving for a few months, then confess it was all to get me back, and interestingly enough, the minute I said I'm not interested in that, he immediately stopped the kindness. What a great friend? And what a great way to show me how much you 'really care'. Yeah right. I finally got him out of my life. I hope for good this time.

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